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Able Training The Importance of First Aid for Parents and Grandparents

The Importance of First Aid for Parents and Grandparents

Accidents happen all the time, so the knowledge for what to do when an accident does happen is critical. This is more so the case when you become a parent.

Children are very good at getting themselves into accidents and injuries ranging from scraped knees to broken bones are commonplace during childhood. Whether you’re a parent or tend to be around kids a lot for other reasons, you should absolutely consider receiving first aid training.

When babies and children are in childcare, or at school, they are always near to a first aider. Given most children and babies spend most of their time with their parents, and the vast majority of accidents happen in the home, it makes sense that a parent should have the necessary first aid skills.

When an incident occurs that threatens or hurts a child, which can happen often, it can be difficult to think clearly. Having expert and trained knowledge to draw on, rather than rely on remaining calm in a crisis, can be the difference between doing the right thing and making the situation far worse than it already is.

A course in first aid will give you the confidence to handle home-based first aid scenarios: from allergy reactions to cuts and grazes, and burns to choking and CPR, all of which are valuable skills. Additionally, it will give you the real information you need as a parent to understand hazards in the home, and how you can keep your baby and children safe. The result is confident parents who feel ‘up to the job’ of wearing the ‘nurses hat’ when on the front line of a first aid situation.

Furthermore, to learn basic first aid you do not need a degree and a first aid course need not be extensive. In fact, it can only take up to 3 hours of a first aid course to learn how to properly deal with a wide variety of medical emergencies. Anyone can pick up at the very least the basics of first aid to cover the most common and severe incidents. Ultimately this means that just 3 hours’ worth of appropriate training can go towards saving not just a child’s life but anyone around you who may be in danger.

We have already run a number of First Aid Courses for Parents & Grandparents and received some great feedback, “Just finished off First Aid training with Andy this morning. Really good informative session and would recommend to anyone who is a parent or looks after children. I’ve come away feeling much more confident that I could cope in an emergency situation”. Don’t miss out on this invaluable course, book your place now! Use code ABLE25FA to book the course for just £25!

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