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what is human trafficking and why does it happen

What is Human Trafficking and Why does it Happen?

What is Human Trafficking & Why does it Happen?

Human trafficking refers to the illegal trade and exploitation of individuals, typically for forced labour or commercial sexual exploitation. In the UK, it’s a serious crime that involves controlling and exploiting people against their will, often through coercion, deception, or abuse of power. It can involve various forms, such as sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude, or organ harvesting. It is a grave violation of human rights and a global issue affecting millions of people worldwide.


Trafficking occurs due to various interconnected factors:

Profit: Trafficking is a highly lucrative business, generating billions of pounds annually for traffickers. This financial incentive drives criminal organisations to exploit vulnerable individuals.

Vulnerability: People in vulnerable situations, such as poverty, lack of education, political instability, discrimination, or fleeing conflict, are at a higher risk. Traffickers prey on these vulnerabilities.

Demand: The demand for cheap labour, commercial sex, and other forms of exploitation fuels trafficking. The willingness to exploit others for profit perpetuates this crime.

Globalisation: Globalisation has connected markets and increased mobility, allowing traffickers to transport victims across borders more easily.

Lack of Awareness and Enforcement: In some regions, inadequate awareness, weak legal systems, corruption, and lack of enforcement contribute to the persistence of trafficking.

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