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World Alzheimer’s Month Part 3: Proactive Preventative Strategies

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In the third instalment of this four part blog series during World Alzheimer’s Month, we expand on our suggestion of having proactive preventative strategies in place when faced with the potential of violent and aggressive behaviours from those suffering with dementia.

A focus of the positive model is to encourage a more proactive pre-emptive way to avoid violence from a dementia sufferer when working on a one to one basis. One instance of what this is creating a more person-centred strategy that works best for each individual based on a “positive behavioural support plan” (PBS). PBS is a way of understanding mannerisms that challenge, evaluating the far-reaching social and physical context in which the behaviour occurs and planning and implementing ways of supporting the person which enhance quality of life for both the person themselves and staff.

Another instance of practical policies for the lessening of such behaviour is the use of “Communication Charts”. Communication charts are used when a sufferer of dementia has lost their use of speech and helps to lessen the frustration that they feel by familiarising a way of communication that is simple and effective, which overall helps to reduce frustration and aggressive behaviour as an outcome. With training to use these proactive preventative strategies, violent outbursts are significantly reduced, leading to an enhanced and more harmless environment for all.

This is the third of a 4-part blog series during World Alzheimer’s Month. Check back next week for part 3 which will explore the second focus of the positive model of managing and supporting behaviour that challenges.

If you require training in dealing with violence & aggression in dementia care, please visit our managing challenging behaviour or positive behavioural support courses. We also offer a Dementia Awareness course.

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