Consultancy and bespoke support packages for positive behavioural support and trauma informed care for care, education or home settings.

Initial assessment
from £150

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Individualised training and support programmes
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Initial virtual meeting and info sharing:

  • To understand more about the environmental challenges, understanding of the individual requiring additional support and current strategies.
  • Details of any incidents that have occurred and how they are currently perceived by the environment will be gathered and discussed. Including what the service believe worked and didn’t work.
  • An assessment of current knowledge and understanding of behaviour generally as well as understanding attachment, trauma, ASD, FASD, forms of mental ill health and any other potential difficulties.
  • An initial simple PBS assessment, will be begun with the aim to identify behaviours of concern and create a priority list, while exploring potential causes

from £150

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Individualised training and support programme.

From this initial assessment, we will create an individualised training and support programme that will be tailored to the needs of the individual and the setting with the aim to reduce and manage behaviour that the environment is finding challenging or hazardous. This will include:

  • Increasing Psychoeducation and understanding of the individual and their challenges including specifics around any conditions raised.
  • Reprogramming habits from instinctive behavioural management models into methods that will work better for the environment – Positive behaviour support, applied behavioural analysis and trauma informed strategies like Therapeutic parenting.
  • Shifting focus towards positive behaviours skills and abilities
  • Developing a positive behaviour support plan that can be developed in line with the individual’s wider environment.
  • If there is a requirement for any physical skills these will require a minimum of a full day face to face training and will be quoted separately to cover expenses

from £544

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