Elderly Care

Elderly care courses provide the knowledge and skills to provide effective and compassionate care to the elderly.
Administration of Medication man holding medicine

Administration of Medication Awareness

Our Administration of Medication Awareness course enables attendees to understand the importance of how medication should be received, administered, stored and recorded.

Safer Caring, Health visitor and a senior woman during home visit.

Advance Care Planning for Dementia

Our Advanced Care Planning for People Living with Dementia course enables attendees to identify the rights of people living with dementia and to discuss what potential barriers for staff there is when caring for an individual with dementia.

Advanced Dementia

Our advanced dementia course looks at what is happening to a person in the later stages of dementia, how we can continue to support someone in the advanced stages of their illness, the importance of continuing effective communication and what to expect later.

Anaphylaxis, person holding Epinephrine Auto-Injector

Anaphylaxis Training

Our Anaphylaxis Awareness course enables attendees to recognise an anaphylactic reaction, be able to describe the legal issues involved in the management of medicines and to be able to understand the causes and effects of allergies.

Autism Awareness, child playing with lego blocks.

Autism Awareness

This course helps delegates to understand autism and Asperger’s syndrome and how to help support individuals with these conditions. It explores challenging behaviour within autism and autism behaviour management strategies.

Dementia Behaviour Changes

Behavioural Changes in Dementia

Our Behavioural Changes in Dementia Course enables attendees to explore how and why dementia affects a person’s behaviour and gives attendees ways to reduce behaviours and de-escalate distress.

Breakaway and Restraint Training

Breakaway & Restraint Training

This course explores the six stages of managing aggression and challenging behaviour including physical and non-physical defence strategies and will be tailored to your workplace setting.

Able Training Foster Carers to deal with challenging behaviour

Challenging Behaviour Training

Challenging Behaviour Training for adult and child settings including Schools & Education, Foster Care, Children’s Homes, Elderly Care, Social Care & Mental Health settings.

COSSH Training, person in personal protective equipment, spraying chemicals.

COSHH Awareness

Our COSHH course enables attendees to list substances covered and not covered by COSHH, to understand how substances can enter the body and to demonstrate how to endure safe practice when disposing of chemicals.

Elderly Care

Elderly care courses provide the knowledge and skills to provide effective and compassionate care to the elderly. Caregivers of the elderly are encouraged to participate in formal training, to ensure that their patients receive the highest quality of care.

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