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Physical Intervention

A range of courses covering breakaway and restraint techniques, advanced physical skills and self-protection designed to equip employees to deal with different levels of risk and manage challenging behaviour safely.

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Physical Intervention Overview:

Able Training specialise in training around the subject of conflict management, challenging behaviour , aggression and physical intervention.

We  work with schools, foster agencies, children’s homes, adult learning disability, mental health, elderly residential, nursing and dementia units, housing associations, drug, alcohol and homeless charities and many more to provide high quality and highly effective training in managing difficult behaviours to their staff.

Courses range from basic awareness courses in challenging behaviour to high level physical intervention skills.

We are firm believers that physical intervention is a last resort, so all of our courses are guided by the Able 6-Stage Target Model of managing behaviours.

Based on the principles of positive behavioural support, conflict management, de-escalation, pro-active and responsive strategies and staged physical response methods. We aim to encourage best practice outcomes for dealing with behaviour that challenges in the workplace.

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Are you an individual? Head to our individual's section for more information.

For care orientated conflict management training in a range of challenging behaviour and de-escalation techniques suitable for those working in the care sector click here.

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