Positive Behavioural Support Training

Able offers positive behaviour support training for organisations, schools and staff teams supporting people.
Positive Behavioural Support, young girl looking happy speaking to man.

Module 1: Positive Behavioural Support & De-escalation

For low risk settings. Module 1 covers Positive Behavioural Support & De-escalation training for those that experience behaviour of concern but there is little or physical risk to staff or service users. It is also suitable for those who want to better support individuals to prevent behaviours from escalating.

Positive Behavioural Support Training

Positive Behavioural Support Training, pro‐active and responsive strategies and de‐escalation based on the principles of supporting positive behaviours. Our training in the subject of managing difficult behaviours and aggression all follow our six-stage system which is based on the principles of positive behavioural support, conflict management, de-escalation, pro-active and responsive strategies and staged physical response methods. It comprises of 5 modules that map across from the three-tier strategy process. The modules required and components included will be based on your individual setting, staff requirements and risk assessment. Each module is made up of numerous setting specific components, the modules must be completed in order.

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