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Creating a Dementia Friendly Environment Checklist

A dementia-friendly environment checklist can be a valuable tool for individuals, families, caregivers, and organizations that are looking to create a supportive environment for people with dementia. The checklist typically includes a list of items that should be considered when designing or modifying a space to be more dementia-friendly.
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What's in this guide?

To use a dementia-friendly environment checklist, start by reviewing the list of items to be considered. Some common items on a checklist might include lighting, colour contrast, clear signage, unobstructed pathways, and familiar objects and decor.

Once you have reviewed the checklist, take a walk through the space you are evaluating. Use the checklist as a guide to assess each aspect of the space, looking for areas where improvements could be made. Take notes as you go, and make note of any areas that are particularly challenging or confusing for someone with dementia.

After completing the evaluation, prioritize the items on the checklist based on their level of importance and feasibility for implementation. Some items may be relatively easy to implement, while others may require more time and resources.

Finally, develop a plan to implement the changes identified through the checklist evaluation. This might involve working with a designer or contractor to modify the physical space, purchasing new furniture or decor, or developing new policies and procedures for staff.

In summary, using a dementia-friendly environment checklist involves reviewing the list of items to be considered, evaluating the space using the checklist as a guide, prioritizing the items based on importance and feasibility, and developing a plan to implement the necessary changes.

Dementia Friendly Environments Web

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