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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Course Description

In-House Certification

4-6 hours


CBT is a highly successful therapy that is continually increasing in its effectiveness. It is a hands on, short term, goal orientated psychotherapeutic intervention that focuses on the process of changing negative thought patterns that provide the basis of an individual’s problems.

It is based on the notion that the way we perceive the world influences how we feel emotionally. It is people’s thoughts about a situation that affects how we feel, not the actual situation and that these feelings then affect the way a person behaves. By altering thinking patterns, behaviour change is activated.

This course explores the key principles of CBT and teaches delegates about its use and methods of application which can be used by the individual to address their own patterns of thinking and behaviour or to help support and address the issues of another.

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Attendees will be able to

Understand the key principles of CBT and understand the why it works.
List the different forms of irrational beliefs and cognitive distortions.
Outline Albert Ellis’s ABC model and explore its application
Identify automatic thoughts, Keep a thought journal and develop methods of altering cognitive distortions.
Identify potential core beliefs and develop strategies to challenge them.
Explore behavioural methods to help conditions like insomnia, anger management, anxiety, depression and phobias.
Develop skills and methods of psycho-education for the self and others.
Understand the benefit of goal setting and develop goals in relation to therapy.

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What people say about us

Excellent trainer - varied knowledge, answered q's in relevant and interesting way. Pace was great and repeated when he saw we needed. Psychology insights very interesting. Very approachable. - Mental health support worker
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Trainer was brilliant making the course very easy to learn and very enjoyable. Thank you.

Loneworker, London
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We found the training very informative and helpful. The discussions around preventing challenging behaviour, and why incidents happen in the…

Head Teacher, Basingstoke
Course : Managing Aggression and Physical Intervention

Really interesting, I learned lots of new info with great psychological insights. Would love to do more training with this…

Charlotte, Teacher
Course: Conflict Management

Great interaction with everyone, gave great tips and advice about physical intervention within the foster care role. Adapted the training…

Anne, Foster Carer
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