Understanding Attachment - Advanced
Course Description

In-House Certification

4 hours


Attachment theory is centred on the emotional bonds between people and suggests that our earliest attachments can leave a lasting mark on our lives. Researchers have found that attachment patterns established early in life can lead to a number of outcomes.

Attachment and attachment related disorders is a massive subject, and this course takes a further step to understanding the attachment process and how it can affect individual development.

It also gets delegates to explore their own attachment styles and how this can impact on relationships.

Attendees will be able to:

Understand the concepts of attachment theory and the ‘functionality’ of attachment behaviour
Be aware of the different ‘styles’ of attachment which develop
Be aware of the impact of attachment styles on brain development and its impact upon mental health
Recognise the impact of stress on the developing brain
Consider the impact of trauma and abuse when dealing with a child with attachment difficulties
Consider a range of strategies to help manage children with attachment difficulties
Reflect upon your own attachment styles in your current parenting of children

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