Understanding Depression and Anxiety Disorders
Course Description

In-House Certification

4-6 hours


Emotional disorders are increasingly common in modern society with figures as high as 1 in 6 people meeting the diagnostic criteria for at least one condition. This course explores both affective disorders and anxiety disorders to improve understanding and support for people who suffer with such conditions.

Most of us have experienced low mood, unhappiness, sadness or depression at some point and major depression is the most commonly occurring of a set of mood disorders known as affective disorders. However there are many other mood disorders to understand including bi-polar and post-natal depression.

Anxiety disorders make up a distinguished group of emotional disorders. They all have strong elements of fearfulness, apprehension or anxiety and includes General Anxiety Disorder (GAD), panic disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and phobias.

This course raises awareness of the different forms of mood disorders that can affect people and explores the possible biological, psychological and social causes and effects. It then goes on to explore methods and steps that can be taken to help improve people’s emotional well being.

Attendees will be able to

Explain the evolutionary value of positive and negative emotions and heritage of emotional disorders.
List the different types of emotional disorders that make up both affective and anxiety disorders.
Differentiate between similar emotional states like grief/sadness and depression. Worry / tidiness and anxiety/OCD.
Identify potential triggers to emotional episodes and help to minimise the impact (e.g panic attacks).
State when and how a referral or further steps should be taken.
Describe the pros’ and cons of various treatment methods.
Perform complimentary treatment methods to assist with conditions (e.g relaxation session, activity scheduling, exposure/response prevention exercises).

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