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Equality and Diversity in Foster Care

Equality and Diversity in Foster Care

Our Equality and Diversity in Foster Care course enables attendees to gain knowledge regarding the benefits to multiculturalism and diversity as well as the dangers of assumptions.

ADHD in Children

ADHD in Children

Our ADHD in Children course enables attendees to understand what Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is as well as how it can affect day-to-day life for a child.

ADHD in Adults and Teens

ADHD in Adults and Teens

Our ADHD in Adults and Teens course enables attendees to gain knowledge regarding what symptoms can occur as well as what can cause ADHD.

Alcohol Awareness course

Alcohol Awareness

Our Alcohol Awareness course enables attendees to identify the difference between Alcoholism, Alcoholic, Alcohol dependant and Alcohol misuse and what medical conditions can be caused by prolonged harmful drinking.

Elderly Persons with Dementia taking medicine. Dementia Medication Awareness

Dementia & Medication Awareness

Our Dementia & Medication Awareness course enables attendees to better understand the variety of possible medications that might be prescribed (in the UK) to treat or lessen the symptoms of dementia, and to understand how this can positively and negatively affect a persons’ quality of life.

Delirium Awareness. An elderly woman with Dementia in the hospital sat on a hospital bed.

Memory Loss In Dementia

Our Memory In Dementia course explores how dementia as a whole affects our memories, why memory disorientation happens and what memory loss looks like for a person living with dementia.

Dementia Diagnosis Training. An elderly gentleman with Dementia receiving a Dementia Diagnosis.

Pre-diagnosis and Diagnosis in Dementia

Our Pre diagnosis and Diagnosis course looks at signs and symptoms of dementia, when a person should go to seek advice, and what happens through the diagnosis process.

Older Gentlemen with Dementia holding head in pain. Dementia Pain Management Training.

Pain Management in Dementia

Our pain management within dementia course looks at how pain is experienced by people in different ways and how damage caused to the brain through dementia may affect a person’s experience of pain.

Dementia and Communication

Our dementia and communication course will enable delegates to have a greater understanding on how dementia impacts on a person’s ability to communicate.

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