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Dementia Diagnosis Training. An elderly gentleman with Dementia receiving a Dementia Diagnosis.

Pre-diagnosis and Diagnosis in Dementia

Our Pre diagnosis and Diagnosis course looks at signs and symptoms of dementia, when a person should go to seek advice, and what happens through the diagnosis process.

Older Gentlemen with Dementia holding head in pain. Dementia Pain Management Training.

Pain Management in Dementia

Our pain management within dementia course looks at how pain is experienced by people in different ways and how damage caused to the brain through dementia may affect a person’s experience of pain.

Dementia and Communication

Our dementia and communication course will enable delegates to have a greater understanding on how dementia impacts on a person’s ability to communicate.

Oral Health Elderly and Dementia Care. Elderly woman smiling, with Healthy teeth.

Oral Health in Dementia

Our Oral Health in elderly and dementia care Course enables attendees to better understand the importance of mouth care and oral hygiene in the elderly. It also explores health risks, oral hygiene assessments and strategies to improve oral health.

Delirium Awareness. An elderly woman with Dementia in the hospital sat on a hospital bed.

Dementia and Cognitive Impairments

Our Dementia & Other Cognitive Impairments Course helps our attendees have a good understanding of how dementia, learning disabilities, and mental health all impact the brain.

Delirium Awareness. An elderly woman with Dementia in the hospital sat on a hospital bed.

Delirium Awareness

In our Delirium Awareness Course we look at the signs and symptoms of delirium and how they may be difficult to spot in a person living with dementia.

Advanced Dementia Care Training. An elderly gentleman with advanced dementia holding a hand on his shoulder reaching.

Supporting People in the Advanced Stages of Dementia

Our advanced dementia course looks at what is happening to a person in the later stages of dementia, how we can continue to support someone in the advanced stages of their illness, the importance of continuing effective communication and what to expect later.

Dementia Friendly Environments Web

Creating a Dementia Friendly Environment

Our Creating Dementia Friendly Environments Course explores how the environment can significantly impact on people living with dementia and how to create an environment for people living with dementia.

Nutrition in Dementia. An elderly couple eating healthy and nutritious food smiling at each other.

Nutrition in Dementia

Our Nutrition in dementia course enables attendees to better understand the impact dementia has on a persons nutritional intake, and offers tips and guidance for those supporting people with dementia.

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