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Terms of Service

Invoices will be sent out before the training and will be payable in 14 days unless otherwise agreed. Delegate certificates will be posted out after payment and completion of the training have occurred.

1. Bookings are subject to availability.

2. Prices, dates and course details may be subject to change

3. Eligibility criteria may apply. Students must show previous certificates for re-qualification or update courses.

4.(a) Some courses have a physical aspect. You must be physically able to carry out the training. If you have any physical, health or mobility problems contact Able Training to confidentially discuss any issues. (b) If you have any barriers to learning or learning/reading difficulties please contact this office to confidentially discuss any issues.

5. Payment must reach us no later than the invoice states in order to secure your booking if requested in advance and to meet our payment requirements. Late payments may incur interest and compensation under the Late Payments of Commercial Debt (Interest) Act 1998 with due warning from Able Training Support Ltd. Cheques are to be made payable to Able Training Support Ltd. We reserve the right to change our prices and our terms and conditions with reasonable notice to customers.

6. Certificates will not be issued until full payment has been received.

7. Charges:

  • Name change of person attending course – No Charge
  • Spelling correction on certificate (our fault) – No Charge
  • Spelling correction or replacement certificate (your fault) – £5 to £15 + VAT
  • Cancellation of course with less than 7 days notice – Full Cost
  • Cancellation of course with between 7 and 14 days notice –  Half Cost
  • Cancellation of course with more than 14 days notice – No charge
  • Change of required course dates with between 7 and 14 days notice – £50 + VAT admin fee (new date must be agreed within 7 days or the course will be classed as cancelled) The booking will be invoiced including the admin fee to be paid in advance. Failure to pay in advance may be classed as a cancellation and any further cancellation of the course will not be refunded.
  • Change of required course dates less than 7 days but more than 24 hrs notice – £50+ VAT fee + any expenses incurred in advance e.g hotel bookings, train fares, trainer’s fees, printing costs, venue/equipment hire etc (this list is not exhaustive and will depend upon the individual course).  A new date must be agreed within 7 days or the course will be classed as cancelled. The booking will be invoiced including the admin fee to be paid in advance of the training taking place. Failure to pay in advance may be classed as a cancellation.  Any further cancellation of the course will not be refunded.
  • We cannot reschedule any courses with less than 24 hrs notice.  Any rescheduling requested within 24 hrs of the course date will be classed as a cancellation and the full course fee will still be due by the invoice due date.  If the cancelled training is re-booked this will be processed as a new booking and invoiced for separately.
  • Any change in the venue within 7 days of the course start date which results in expenses to the trainer; eg Change of Train, Accommodation bookings etc will be charged to the customer.

8. Good time keeping is essential and students must attend the whole course in order to meet the required criteria. If a student fails to attend any part of the course, they will not be assessed as attending and will not therefore receive a certificate. We regret that late arrivals may not be admitted onto the course. Students who are judged by our Instructors to be difficult, unruly, offensive or not complying with our Equal Opportunities Policy will be asked to leave and their fees will still be payable.

9. The venue/room provided must be suitable for purpose and provide adequate space for the required activity. The venue must accommodate the attendees of the course in a suitable manner (i.e., adequate seating, lighting and visibility). The trainer will conduct a risk assessment on the space and may request that changes to either the environment or the number of delegates be altered at the time.

10. The number of delegates that may attend a course is dependent on the subject but the maximum number will be stated at time of booking. Sometimes these numbers are limited due to legislation. For onsite training we do require a minimum of 3 people for all practical courses (first Aid, physical intervention, and moving people safely.) If numbers are not appropriate on the trainers arrival on-site the trainer may request a reduction in numbers or if too low consider the course to be cancelled by the customer. (see cancellation charges)

11. Delegate numbers are outlined on the contract and maximum number of places should be discussed with Able in advance. Each additional delegate will be charged to the customer at £5 – £15 + VAT per person


Able Training and its trainers cannot be held responsible for any circumstances beyond our control, which affect the course date(s), content(s) or timing(s), including cancellation or re-scheduling.

If a course has to be cancelled, amended or re-scheduled for any reason Able Training will make every reasonable effort to effect alternative arrangement and may offer this rescheduled training at a reduced rate. However Able Training reserves the right to make this decision based on the circumstances of the adjustment.

Able Training does not accept responsibility for any accidents or misuse of training carried out by any students whilst on a course or used once they are in any home/office/work/public place/area or arena.

Students carry out their training with our organisation at their own risk.

Our company’s policy is one of continuous development and we reserve the right to make changes without notice.

Acceptance of the training by the customer indicates that they have read and understood these terms and conditions.

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