From real students
  • Excellent trainer – varied knowledge, answered questions in a relevant and interesting way. Pace was great and repeated when he saw we needed. Psychology insights very interesting. Very approachable. – Mental health support worker”
    Lone Worker (York)
  • We found the course to be very informative course and hugely enjoyable, mainly because of the trainer who presented the materials brilliantly and with an appropriate blend of expertise and humour.
  • “Thank you. Really interesting and the trainer’s knowledge was brilliant. Really helpful! – “Young Carer” support worker
    Lone Worker (York)
  • Dementia Awareness

    Had an enjoyable day – highly recommend this trainer and this course as he sure knows his stuff.
    Nurse (Cambridge)
  • The course went so quickly as the trainer gave us food for thought about how we face challenging behaviour, how we support children going through a crisis, how we can manage behaviour proactively and, when absolutely necessary, how to use the least restrictive physical interventions. The trainer clearly has a lot of knowledge and experience relating to the needs of children who have experienced trauma or who are going through crisis.
  • Conflict Management

    Really interesting, I learned lots of new info with great psychological insights. Would love to do more training with this company.
    Charlotte (Teacher)
  • Conflict Management

    By far the most interesting and useful training I have ever done on the subject of challenging behaviour and de-escalation. I wish I had had this training three years ago.
    James (Youth Worker)
  • Managing Aggression and Physical Intervention

    We found the training very informative and helpful. The discussions around preventing challenging behaviour, and why incidents happen in the first place, really helped us develop our own understanding and strategies. Andy made the practical session interesting and fun, and we have used the techniques successfully. We are very glad to have had the training, which was reasonably priced, and would recommend it to other schools and organisations.
    Head Teacher (Basingstoke)
  • Breakaway

    Trainer was brilliant making the course very easy to learn and very enjoyable. Thank you.
    Loneworker (London)
  • Moving & Handling

    The trainer was fantastic!!! Explained all aspects in detail, in context and without condesention. I enjoyed this course the most of any so far. The trainer was brilliant, I wish he took all courses.
    Carer (Norwich)
  • Managing Aggression

    The course was really interesting as a training teacher. I have seen first hand on placement how challenging some children can be to themselves as well as other. This course gave us some great strategies for understanding and managing behaviours.
    Sian (Teacher)
  • Managing Challenging Behaviour

    I think this training should be done by every new foster carer. I regret not receiving this training 10 years ago when I started. Really interesting, engaging and thought provoking.
    Kev (Foster Carer)
  • Physical Intervention

    Great interaction with everyone, gave great tips and advice about physical intervention within the foster care role. Adapted the training for my needs as a single carer too.
    Ann (Foster Carer)
  • Conflict Management

    Our trainer was brilliant at making us all feel at ease and trained us well. Thank you.
  • Emergency First Aid at Work

    Excellent, hands on learning made fun and interactive. trainer answered every question and was very informative but also fun.
    Dental Nurse (Grantham)
  • First Aid

    Very good course trainer has great knowledge of his subject and presents the course in a relaxed manner.
    Imperial College, London
  • Emergency First Aid at Work

    Trainer had good knowledge backed up with good humour the course worked really well. Clear and concise.
    Designer (Grantham)

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