Basic Counselling Skills Course

This course explores the key skills used in counselling that are also invaluable to any person in a helping relationship.

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    Basic Counselling Skills Course Overview:

    This four to six hour Basic Counselling Skills course explores the key skills used in counselling that are also invaluable to any person in a helping relationship.

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    In-house Certification

    The course is delivered over 4 hours

    Our group training is offered for attendees per trainer

    This training is available to be delivered in a environment.

    What is covered:

    It explores the concepts of:

    • Unconditional positive regard
    • Self awareness, active listening
    • Challenging skills
    • The stages of the counselling process
    • These skills can be used to improve relationships, understanding and support between any two people whether in the adult or child setting.

    Who is the course for?

    Our Basic Counselling Skills Course is suitable for both Child and Adult Settings.

    What will you achieve?

    • Define the skills required in a helping relationship
    • Develop strategies for raising self awareness
    • Demonstrate active listening skills including, verbal and non-verbal attending, reflecting and questions
    • Understand empathy and develop skills in showing it
    • Understand the purpose of challenging and recognise how and when it should be used
    • Set goals and support another in goal setting for themselves

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