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Prevent Training & Anti-radicalisation Awareness

Our 4 hour Prevent Training is a proactive step to demonstrating the commitment of a workplace towards their Prevent duty.
Prevent Training and Anti-Radicalisation

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Prevent Training: Learn the correct roles towards the prevent duty and the governments counter terrorism strategy.

Our Prevent Training (Prevent Duty Training) and Anti-radicalisation Awareness Course will help you to answer the following questions and more. What is Extremism? What is Radicalisation? What is Terrorism? What can put people at risk? What is the Prevent Assessment Framework? Why do people get involved in terrorism or violent extremism? What is harm? What indicators can show an individual’s capability to cause harm? What is grooming? What is propaganda? What is the Allport Prejudice Scale? What are some indicators of an individual being involved with terrorist or extremist groups? How to make a referral and pass on information? How to support a child/ adult? What is respect? Prevent Training. In the year ending March 2022, there were 6,406 referrals to Prevent due to concerns that an individual was vulnerable to radicalisation.

Prevent Duty Training is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to understand, recognize, and prevent radicalization in a variety of contexts. This training course aims to provide participants with a solid understanding of the Prevent Duty policy and its practical implications, fostering a proactive approach to safeguarding vulnerable individuals and promoting a safer, more inclusive society.

Through our Prevent Training, you will gain an understanding of the terms extremism, terrorism and radicalisation. You will learn the main safeguarding and Anti-terrorism legislation and guidance in the UK. You will learn how to recognise their role towards the Prevent duty and the government’s counter-terrorism strategy. You will learn to complete a vulnerability assessment and recognise those most vulnerable to extremism. Our Prevent training will teach you how to make appropriate referrals to CHANNEL. You will learn the aspects of Prevent that fit into regular safeguarding and identify the ways to report concerns.

What does Prevent Training & Anti-radicalisation Awareness cover?

  • Prevent training highlights the difference between extremism, terrorism, and radicalisation.
  • Understand what can put people at risk of harm.
  • Understand what the Prevent Assessment Framework is.
  • Recognise why an individual may have the intention to cause harm.
  • Understand what propaganda is and how it is used.
  • Gain knowledge of the importance of support.

Who is our Prevent Training & Anti-radicalisation Awareness for?

Our Prevent Training and Anti-radicalisation Awareness course is for anyone work works with or supports children or adults who may be involved within extremist groups. Whatever care or non-care sector you work in, our session will be informative and knowledgeful.

The Counter Terrorism & Security Act passed in July of 2015 means that bodies responsible for supporting children now have a legal duty to help prevent children from becoming radicalised and drawn into terrorism, Prevent Training helps fulfil this requirement. Staff must know how to identify children at risk of radicalisation and what to do if children are identified.

These bodies should ensure they are part of their local authorities’ safeguarding arrangements and that staff are aware of and know how to contribute to Prevent related activity in their area where appropriate.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you‘ll be able to…

  • Discuss how the rules of the law affect people.
  • Discuss what democracy is.
  • Recognise the difference between an absolute right and a qualified right.
  • Demonstrate how to make a referral as well as passing on information.
  • Prevent Training helps you develop knowledge, skills, and strategies that will increase your knowledge about anti-radicalisation and isolated nursing within the workplace.
  • Recognise their Role towards the Prevent Duty and the government counter-terrorism strategy
  • Outline the main safeguarding and Anti-terrorism legislation and guidance in the UK
  • Make appropriate referrals to CHANNEL
  • Complete a vulnerability assessment and recognise those most vulnerable to extremism
  • Define the terms extremism, terrorism and radicalisation
  • State the aspects of Prevent that fit into regular safeguarding and identify the ways to report concerns
  • Challenge extremist ideas and refer young people for further help

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Jay Benjamin
Jay Benjamin
Read More
I can say with all truth that this service is class A1. We have used there Breakaway Restraint/conflict management & also E-learning courses services for many years now & everything has been delivered professionally and extremely clearly with no problems.
Louise Sullivan
Louise Sullivan
Read More
I have been on several training courses run by this company over the last. Each time the trainer have been really good at making the course contact interesting and interactive. This certainly helps me to remember everything. Would recommend them.
Nicola Olorenshaw
Nicola Olorenshaw
Read More
I absolutely love attending training with Able Training. The courses are professionally prepared and delivered and the trainers are of a very high standard and are very engaging and knowledgeable. Awesome!
Rebecca Markham
Rebecca Markham
Read More
Fantastic training , I have participated in a number of courses over the last 12 months , each course has been very interesting and helpful to my role as a foster Carer , the information is presented in a interesting way and gets each point across effectively, I would highly recommend them ! I am looking forward to more in the near future .
Aneka Roy
Aneka Roy
Read More
Able training delivered Conflict management to our staff and they all found it extremely useful, feedback included; 'I really enjoyed this course, I found the facilitator very enthusiastic and passionate about the subject. The course was highly informative and I would recommend it. Thank you Able training!
Ronnie Passe
Ronnie Passe
Read More
Great 'Restraint training' course at Earlham Primary School in North London. Very professional and would highly recommend to other schools. Friendly, to the point, and tailored to our requirements. Thank you.

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