Prevention of Falls Training

A 3 hour training session that examines the factors that increase the likelihood of slips and falls, and explores preventative and precautionary steps to reduce the risk.

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    Prevention of Falls Training Overview:

    Slips trips and falls are the number one cause of workplace accidents and so a focus within most risk assessments. Within some setting there are factors related to people that can significantly increase the risk. Certain vulnerabilities increase the chance of a fall as well as increasing the likelihood of that fall causing serious damage. This 3 hour session looks at factors that increase the risk and explores preventative and precautionary steps to reduce the risk.

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    In-house Certification

    The course is delivered over 3 hours

    Our group training is offered for 15 attendees per trainer

    This training is available to be delivered in a environment.

    What is covered:

    Attendees will learn the definition of what is meant by falls in the workplace, cover the costs associated with workplace injury, and be able to describe and refer to current and key legislation relating to a fall in the workplace.  The course also aims to instruct delegates how to perform hazard analysis and risk assessment in relation to falls, and list methods of fall management and prevention.

    Who is the course for?

    This course is suitable for social workers, care workers, health professionals, and people working with or supporting vulnerable, frail or elderly people who may be likely to injure themselves as a result of a fall or slip.  It is also beneficial for people working within an environment where there is an increased likelihood or risk of injury resulting from slips or falls.

    What will you achieve?

    • Define what is meant by falls in the work place
    • Explain the costs associated with falls in the work place
    • Describe key legislation relating to fall in the work place
    • Demonstrate hazard analysis and risk assessment in relation to falls
    • List methods of falls management and prevention

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