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Alcohol Awareness course

Alcohol Awareness

Our Alcohol Awareness course enables attendees to identify the difference between Alcoholism, Alcoholic, Alcohol dependant and Alcohol misuse and what medical conditions can be caused by prolonged harmful drinking.

ADHD Awareness

ADHD Awareness Online

Our Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Awareness Online Course enables attendees to identify the signs and symptoms of the 3 types of ADHD, be able to understand the causes of ADHD and what treatments can be used.

Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene Online

Our Oral Hygiene course enables attendees to identify the importance of oral hygiene, recognise the anatomy of The Oral Cavity and how good oral hygiene can improve their quality of life.

PEG Feeding Awareness Online

Our PEG Awareness course enables attendees to identify the many different resources to why an individual may require a PEG to be fitted as well as what the PEG insertion procedure is.

Medication Awareness

Medication Awareness Online

Our Medication Awareness course enables attendees to understand what the definition of a drug is and what the legislation for medicines are and what they entail.

Menopause Awareness

Menopause Awareness Online

Our Menopause Awareness course enables attendees to understand the time frames around the menopause as well as how a woman’s company can show support through adjusting.

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Substance Misuse Online

Our Online Substance Misuse Course enables attendees to gain an understanding of what is entailed within substance misuse, how to aid an individual as well as how these substances can damage the human body.

Understanding Self Harm Online

Understanding Self Harm Online

Our Understanding Self Harm course enables attendees to identify signs, recognise the difference between direct and indirect self-harm and what the different types of self-harm are.


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